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Four ways to protect your authentic voice as a creative

How can we be creators when we’re constantly consuming?

I heard this question asked while listening to the podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire. The guest was Kary Oberbrunner. During his interview, he dove into reaching optimal human performance and overcoming challenges.

The entire interview was a good listen, but the question of how we can be creators when we’re always consuming made me pause and rewind the podcast. I went to the Notes app on my phone and wrote it down, just so I could meditate on the question for a while, which I did for the entire month.

As a creator, this question resonated with me. My goal is…

How to adapt as a photographer on the ever-changing platform

Last week, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, released a video in which he stated, “Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app.” In case you missed it, here’s the clip:

I took some time to let the messaging in this video marinate to evaluate this situation from all sides. I’ve long since said Instagram Is Not Making You a Better Photographer, and I stand by this statement. Mosseri’s messaging in his public address further proves my point and clarifies that the platform no longer values still imagery.

In his…

Was it worth the $69.99?

Short answer, yes. Yes, the Calm app is worth every cent. I’m aware this may be anticlimactic, but I’ve always hated waiting through long-winded explanations to find out answers to questions.

I’ve struggled for years to get into a meditation routine on my own. Years!

My initial interest in meditation sparked during college while I took an elective yoga class my senior year.

At the end of yoga practice, I’d find meditation more accessible since my body was exhausted. However, when I tried to meditate without exercise, I had trouble focusing and calming my mind.

When the Calm app came…

How a day without devices reset and re-energized me.

A few weeks ago, while participating in my daily mediation on the Calm app, the narrator suggested the idea of taking a day off from devices. Anything with a screen was a no-go. She said to think of this day as a reset and monitor the benefits.

I spent the entirety of 2020 off social media, so I understood how this concept of a day without screens could be pretty powerful to creatives. …

Here’s what happened

About a week ago, I thought I came across a retail steal. I was wrong but wouldn’t find this out until much later. You see, I’ve been on the search for a broken camera lens to use for parts. Unfortunately for me, the lens is expensive and hard to come across broken.

After days of perusing frequented marketplaces, I decided to search outside my usual haunts. I took a skip, hop, and a jump over to Etsy and took a look around. To my surprise, I found the lens, but it came as apart of a package deal. …

It’s more than a game.

My earliest memories of puzzles come from watching my mom play Crosswords in pen. As these things sometimes go, I did not inherit her ability to crush that particular word game. Instead, I found myself drawn to the number game in the newspaper, Sudoku.

I’m by no means a math wizard and opted out of math classes as soon as possible in high school. However, I’ve always enjoyed the logic of Sudoku. Nine numbers, nine boxes, no repeats of numbers in rows or three by three boxes. Easy enough, right?

My obsession with Sudoku has…

My first month in review

I started the year determined not to spend any new money on cameras. Sounds easy enough to the average individual, I’m sure, but I bought five cameras last year.

I promise I don’t have a weird obsession. I’m a photographer, and I make content on my YouTube channel about photography.

Nonetheless, if I want a new camera this year, I have to trade for it or sell off my existing cameras to purchase a new camera with the sale’s profits. With this in mind, I began researching buying and selling platforms available to me.


I’ve got a survival guide right here.

It doesn’t take much to become an outcast within the typical black household construct. It’s as simple as enjoying country music, being vegan, or voting Republican.

The list goes on, but I think I’ve made my point. To be an individual within a black family is to stand out, and that’s not always ideal.

Last summer, while visiting, my younger sister let slip over dinner that I was considered the family’s black sheep. I couldn’t believe it. Me? Out of everyone in our family, I’m the black sheep? How Sway?

I want to…

Four outstanding benefits of teaming up to make photos

A few weekends ago, I got an invite to go on a photo walk with a photographer I’d met earlier in the year. He’d been eager to try out my Leica M3, and I was up for getting out of my apartment and making images.

We’d met up once before, and I picked the neighborhood. With this in mind, I encouraged the other photographer to choose our next location and route.

We ended up in Chinatown, and it was not the Chinatown I’d grown familiar with over the past several years…

For incredible perks of befriending your elders

My entire life, I’ve heard I have an old soul. When you’re eight, the literal interpretation of this statement freaks you out.

In high school, my basketball coach donned me with the nickname, Grandma. I gained this moniker because I conserved energy during wind sprints, but it also had to do with my heightened maturity level in my team’s group setting.

My mom has long suspected it’s because I’m a September baby, which landed me in a grade level with peers almost a year younger than me. Thanks, public school.

I’ve always gravitated towards people older than me. I gambled…

Talya Adams

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