4 Ways to Save Money in Film Photography

Practical hacks for the film shooters

1. Buy cheap film stocks

Some other affordable film stocks to consider:

Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400

2. Shoot black and white film

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Bulk break down:

One hundred feet of Kodak Tmax 400 sells for roughly $100. Let’s be conservative and say you get 20 35mm rolls at 36 exposures a piece in each canister. That works out to $5 a roll, give or take. Now, if my math is right, that’s $3 cheaper per roll than if I were to buy this film stock sold per canister in stores.

Cheap black and white film stocks to consider:

Kentmere 100 or 400

3. Choose 35mm film photography over 120mm film photography

4. Develop your film at home

More in depth ways to save money

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